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Special Prize for Best Social Justice Submission - "The Fight against Racism" by Nicholas Ngai

From Nick (author)

Hello, I am Nick and my open letter is one that I've wanted to write about for a very long time. This is an open letter regarding racism which is a deep-rooted problem in society, and I've always wanted to solve this persisting issue. My message is that we should all live in an equitable world, where people have equal opportunities to do what people do. So if you do your part, we will all live in an equitable society where other races aren't closed off.

Greetings to all,

I am writing to you today to address a serious issue that some of us face on a daily basis. Racism. Even though it may seem cliche, given the pervasive nature of the issue and the serious consequences it may engender, I firmly believe that it still warrants our attention. Individuals and entire communities might be adversely affected by racism, and raising awareness of its evils is one of the most effective ways of combating it. I think we all have a shared social responsibility to do our part in disseminating information and eradicate this social evil.

Additionally, racism is not just about individual attitudes or beliefs; it is a systemic problem that is deeply embedded in our social, economic, and political structures. It perpetuates inequality and discrimination, and it creates barriers that prevent people from achieving their full potential. It is a problem that affects everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background.

As a united society, we have the responsibility to challenge or stand up against racism, and create a more equitable society, where all people are included, and no other race is superior. The voices of those marginalised and oppressed by racism must be heard, and action must be taken to remedy racism's root causes."

To be an anti-racist, you have to take action to try and stop it, not just stand by and ignore it. We must work together to make sure that all our opportunities and resources are equal.

Allyship is one of the most crucial ways to fight racism. By using one's privilege to amplify the voices of marginalised communities, allies actively work to destroy racism. It entails paying attention to and learning from those who have encountered racism, as well as using one's power to push for reform. I personally got into racism because of the recent rise in discriminatory violence against the Asian community, especially following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is unacceptable. “Our race is not a virus”. This is a phrase that has been seen throughout the peaceful protests. We need to abide by this phrase and make sure that we do not make disparaging remarks or perpetuate stereotypes. People do not realise that overt racism is condemned, and may seem like some sentences are innocuous, but it really does hurt when you say it to your face.

One of my favourite quotes from Serendipity is “Ally is not a noun, it is a verb”. In this quote, it defines what it means to truly be a good ally. You cannot just state that you are an ally to a certain marginalised group, you have to prove it. We should be a better ally to them by learning about what would help the most, raise awareness, and consistently use my own personal means to provide any help I can.

As allies, we must be prepared to have difficult discussions about racism and race. Being open and vulnerable as well as admitting our own prejudices and blind spots is required. We have to be ready to take in new information, learn from it, and use our privilege to effect change. In order to achieve this, we must be willing to stretch beyond our comfort zones and actively look for opportunities to interact with and support marginalised communities.

By using our voices to denounce racism, we can be allies in one of the most crucial ways possible. This includes exposing racist attitudes and actions when they are present and supporting laws and procedures that advance equity and inclusion. It also entails being prepared to make use of our privilege to elevate marginalised communities' voices and amplify their messages and challenges.

Actions taken in support of anti-racist causes are a crucial part of being an ally. This can entail giving to groups fighting racism, lending our time and resources to assist marginalised communities, and using our platforms to spread awareness of racism-related issues. By participating in demonstrations, signing petitions, and contacting our elected officials to request change, we can also support anti-racist movements.

A positive attitude towards anti-racism is one that recognizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing racial injustices and inequalities. It involves actively working towards creating a society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their race or ethnicity. This can involve speaking out against racist attitudes and behaviours, educating oneself and others about the harmful effects of racism, and engaging in efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.

Another example of a positive attitude towards racism is acknowledging what we can do to help these marginalised communities and try to help them out as much as possible. We must work collectively to address this deep-rooted problem if we hope to one day achieve a society in which equality is a reality for all.

Additionally, it is critical to understand that racism is a structural and institutionalised issue rather than merely a matter of personal attitudes or beliefs. Therefore, even if unintentionally, our society's policies and practices have been created to support racism. It is our duty to recognize these systems and work towards transforming them.

Racism causes harm to individuals and communities in many ways. Racism leads to depression. Racism leads to anxiety. Racism leads to post-traumatic stress disorder. Racism can also cause physical health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and even premature death. The harm caused by racism extends beyond the individual level and can impact entire communities, leading to social, economic, and political inequality. It is important to recognize the ways in which racism impacts the health and well-being of individuals and communities, and to work towards creating a society that is free from the harmful effects of racism. By acknowledging the harm caused by racism, we can better understand the urgency of the anti-racist work that needs to be done.

We must also realise that being different from others in terms of skin colour or from a different country does not make one superior to another. We are all of the same race. The human race. People who are racist don't see it that way. They think that people with a certain skin colour or are from a specific place makes them superior to every other person in the world. That’s seriously wrong. Being discriminatory to another person because they look different is seriously wrong, and it can really hurt when you say something offensive towards their race or background. That’s why we need to stand up, and speak our voices out. We will not be a victim of such racially unjust crimes and we will stand up for ourselves and our people!

Ultimately, the fight against racism requires a collective effort from all of us. It is a complex and multifaceted issue, and it demands a multifaceted approach to address it. But by working together, we can create a world that is more just, equitable, and inclusive for all.

"In closing, racism remains an insidious force that inflicts harm and injustice against communities and individuals. We all must commit to the shared responsibility of building a society of inclusion, equality and justice for people of all ethnicities and races. Through collective action and perseverance, we can overcome it."

Hopefully this world one day will be rid of racism and hate. But until then, we have to keep fighting, for our people and our rights! We will not be any victim in any crime of racism. It is time to stop this, right here, right now!

Together, through concrete action and perseverance, we can build a just world for all. Join me in this important fight. The time for change is now. We can achieve great things if we stand united.

Thank You!

Yours truly,


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