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  • Samara Sakhrani

2nd Prize - “I want to be as beautiful as the ocean” by Samara Sakhrani

From Samara

This poem celebrates the beauty and imperfections of the ocean while reflecting on themes of self-consciousness and insecurity. Despite the storms and waves crashing, the ocean remains a tranquil and peaceful force, offering wisdom worth gaining. While humanity's negligence threatens to scar her shores with their desires, this poem mirrors the sea's beauty, which is constant and comforting, free and divine. It also reminds us of the ocean's timeless beauty and the need to preserve and protect it. In a world that often values external appearances over inner qualities, this poem helps remind us to cherish ourselves and to find solace and inspiration in the natural world. In this instance, the ocean.


I want to be as beautiful as the ocean.

To her, one droplet is nothing,

Worthless in that endless something.

Vast and deep, her beauty keeps,

Endless treasures with mysteries beneath.

Calm or raging, ever-changing,

The ocean holds wisdom worth gaining.

She embraces all, rejects none,

to soothe life's storms as she's always done.

The sea knows no fear of smallness,

No worry that her waves might cease.

While I dwell on self-doubt's darkness

She moves with infinite peace.

Though waves may crash and roar with force,

Her heart remains a tranquil, silent source.

Yet humankind, with negligence, conspires

To scar her shores with remnants of desires.

A drop dreams to mirror the sea,

Vast, divine, deep, beautiful but free.

As constant and comforting as the sea,

Her timeless beauty is what I long to be.

I want to be as beautiful as the ocean.

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