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  • Sharmain Oo


Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I had not seen her months following her marriage, though the shining starlet was cynosure as before. Her arm linked with his, saccharine skin and silky silhouettes. Purple peeked through her dusted eyelids and ruby coloured her lips.

Sweet child, she referred to me with a hug and that radiant smile. How I had missed her most.

A fawning lady now; never was, but now indeed. She seemed sycophantic to his grip. Mama said they loved each other. Why else would they marry? But I saw her in the bathroom hunched over the seat. With shaky hands she took scarlet, blue, green, red; teeth falling like jewelled fruit.

Whispering he makes me see stars until the trembling stopped and her voice cracked.

I knocked on the gaping door and asked if she would like a drink to soothe her sore throat. With glistening eyes, she smiled an odd smile and said, yes, that’d be marvellous darling. I’m nearly parched, but have no rush, dear. No rush at all.

When I returned, the door was slightly ajar.

Mama said not to look. But I did, oh I did – and I never knew thirst was shaped like two hands wrapped around her neck and hair sprawled across dirty bathroom tiles.

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