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  • Yuhan

First Poem

The crash accident that happened ----

not on Mount Osutaka, but on the ridge of Mount Takamagahara

at first impact, the wing of Japan Air Lines Flight 123 clipped at 6:56:27 pm 12th of August,

1985 on a lark tree. At second impact, the plane descended into an infernal explosion,

shattering the forest bed.

The reverberation scared an old woman in the nearby prefecture so badly her hand slipped,

and the ear picker she was currently roaming through the whorl of her ear went straight

through her ear canal. She jumped like hot coals had suddenly materialised under her feet.

and tore through her house. As she thundered past the kitchen, pots, spoons and all

manner of appliances clattered to the floor. She couldn’t hear the clattering because she

was deaf. But she could probably hear her shrieks.

A ringing sound filled the valley --- whether it was the sirens or the ringing in the old

women’s ears ---- I couldn’t tell you.

When the same old sun draped its last lush rays over the mountains, the old woman tossed

and turned in her sleep. She preferred sleeping on her side but couldn’t tonight because of

the earpick sticking out of her ear.

When she awoke in the morning, her hearing was restored but her sight was gone.

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